Automatic feed or hydraulic: which wood chipper is right for me?

Many people who want to buy a wood chipper usually face a question: What kind of wood chipper should I buy? Choosing the right wood chipper for you depends on work needs, use cases, price budget and many other factors. Today, this blog post will take you through the features of automatic feeding and hydraulic wood chippers to help you make an informed choice.

Automatic feed wood chipper


MechMaxx BX42S

The BX42S wood chipper is suitable for tractors from 18 to 45HP and easily cuts branches up to 4 inches in diameter with a 20 by 20 inch feed port. The top of the discharge chute can be rotated 360° and is easy to disassemble. The three-point connection ensures the stability of the connection between the root mill and the tractor. This type of chipper is suitable for cutting small branches and logs and is connected directly to the tractor's power output shaft without the need for an additional engine or power supply.


MechMaxx P4205

The P4205 disc wood chipper can handle branches and logs up to 5 inches in diameter and is equipped with an independent 14HP electrically-started KOHLER gasoline engine to easily handle hardened, weathered and other complex cutting materials. Equipped with two tubeless tires and a support wheel, it can be moved manually or connected to a traction hook for extreme mobility. It is equipped with taillights, which can be synchronized with the turn signal of the tractor to improve safety.

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Easy operation: Automatic feed wood chippers are usually designed for easy operation, just put the wood into the feed port, and the machine will automatically push it into the chipping device.
  2. High efficiency: Automatic feeding, so that the chipper can continuously process a large amount of wood, suitable for efficient users.
  3. Low maintenance cost: the automatic feeding chipper has simple mechanical structure and low maintenance cost.

Application scenario

  1. Small and medium-sized projects: Automatic feed wood chippers are ideal for scenarios such as home gardening, small farms and medium-sized wood processing plants. These sites typically require a moderate amount of wood to be handled and require easy operation and maintenance.
  2. Users with limited budgets: Since the price of automatic feeding wood chippers is usually relatively close to the people, it is a good choice for users with limited budgets.


Hydraulic wood chipper


MechMaxx BX42R

The chip tray of the BX42R hydraulic feed chipper is driven by the hydraulic flow of the slip loader, and the hydraulic system feeds the material into the chipper, greatly reducing the manual labor of the operator. The required PTO horsepower ranges from 18 to 50hp, making it easy to fit your tractor. The 4 by 10 inch feed port is sufficient for your daily crumb needs. Equipped with 360° rotating discharge chute, add an easy handgrip, you can easily control the discharge direction.

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Stronger handling capacity: The hydraulic feed system can push the wood more evenly and more forcefully, and is more suitable for handling harder and larger diameter wood.
  2. High flexibility: the operator can flexibly control the feed speed and direction through the hydraulic system, making the chipping process more accurate and reducing the stuck material.
  3. High durability: Hydraulic systems are usually designed for heavy equipment, with longer service life and higher durability, suitable for long-term high-intensity work.

Application scenario

  1. For large wood processing plants, large-scale forest farms and professional woodworking enterprises, hydraulic feed wood chippers are ideal. These sites often need to handle large amounts of wood and a wide variety of wood, and the flexibility and powerful handling capacity of the hydraulic system can meet these needs.


  1. Demanding user:If you need to work with particularly coarse wood or require extremely high quality chippers, the performance and durability of the hydraulic feed wood chipper is enough to provide better protection.

How to choose the right wood chipper for you?

Choosing the right wood chipper mainly depends on your specific needs and use case. Here are a few key considerations:


  1. Type and quantity of wood to be treated

If you are dealing with smaller and limited quantities of wood, an automatic feed wood chipper will meet your needs. If you are dealing with a wide variety of wood and a large quantity, the hydraulic feed wood chipper is more suitable.


  1. Budget and maintenance costs

Automatic feed wood chippers are inexpensive and low maintenance, suitable for users with limited budgets. The initial investment of the hydraulic feed wood chipper is large, but its durability and efficient performance will bring greater benefits in the long term.


  1. Operation requirements and technical level

The automatic feed wood chipper is easy to operate and requires no technical training. Hydraulic feed wood chipper requires a certain amount of operating experience and technical support, suitable for professional users. 

Sum up

In summary, automatic feed and hydraulic feed wood chippers each have advantages, the key is to choose according to your actual needs and application scenarios. Whichever you choose, you can significantly increase your productivity and productivity.

MechMaxx strives to provide the best wood chipper for you, making your work easier and more efficient.

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