Using the MechMaxx Wood chipper to chew through trees must be quite exhilarating. While shredding branches, don't forget about the treasures left on the ground. These small wood chips also have significant utility. Now, it’s time to repurpose them, you must be curious about how they can help you in these ways.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Wood chips can be used on slopes or riverbanks to prevent soil erosion and stabilize the soil. This helps protect your land from water runoff and wind damage. Additionally, wood chips can release essential nutrients after gradual decomposition, it would improve both your soil structure and fertility.

Laying Paths for the feet

Try to use some wood chips when creating walkways between your garden or landscape to prevent mud and add a natural look. Wood chips can help you keep your feet clean and dry when you walk around your farm. They can also create a contrast with your plants and flowers, making them more attractive and appealing.

Warm your livestock

How about using chips as bedding for livestock? This would provide comfortable bedding and help absorb waste, contributing to the health and hygiene of your animals. Additionally, wood chips can also reduce the odor and flies in your barn, and provide insulation and warmth for your animals.

Enhance your garden with wood chips

Commonly, we add fertilizers and nutrients to plants for care. Now, you can consider trying add some wood chips for your garden. Wood chips improve soil aeration and drainage, providing a better growing environment for plants. Moreover, as wood chips decompose, they enrich plants with nutrients, making them more conducive to growth.

Shielding Plants with Wood Chip

This winter, plants are feeling the chill! Take action by covering them with wood chips. In cold weather, wood chips can slow down the rate at which soil temperature drops, providing insulation to alleviate the cold stress on plant roots. Furthermore, wood chip coverage can alleviate the soil's volume changes caused by freezing and thawing, reducing soil expansion and contraction.

Wood Chipper Recommended for Landscaping

If you are considering using landscaping with mulch, wouldn't it be a great idea to have your own wood chipper? This 5-inch E-start 15hp Wood Chipper is probably your best bet.

This powerful machine can easily chew through trees and branches, helping you quickly produce wood chips. It efficiently clears and feeds on lawn clippings, branches, shrubs, compost, and any other debris for disposal.


  • Stable working, long time continuous chipping

  • Quick electric start button

  • Easy to assemble

  • Two double-sided usable blades for extended longevity

  • 360° rotating discharge chute with shaped steel tube design



For reliable and efficient equipment solutions, visit MechMaxx to learn more.

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