Is Investing in a Wood Chipper Worth It for You?

Investing good bucks in home improvement equipment is always a hard bone to swallow. Like a wood chipper, it is a basic necessity of every household. But before spending your hard-earned money, you must be aware of the technicalities and factors that must be considered. For example, The Horsepower, Functionality, Inches of blades, Area of the lawn, etc. MechMaxx Wood Chipper comes with every fact before you click the buy option.

Now, many questions may arise in your mind: what should I consider, and what must be the dimensions to be looked after to buy the best Wood Chipper for your Property? Don’t worry; we have got your back. We will make every option accessible; you should choose the Gas option as it has more benefits than electric. Considering the size of your lawn, what blade size fits the best? How MechMaxx Wood Chipper helps you maintain a proper look for your garden. What is an adequate method for using MechMaxx Wood Chipper? We have everything for you in this article. 


Things to Focus before Buying Wood Chipper

  1. Area of the Lawn

The model you will select depends heavily on how big or small your lawn is to be trimmed. Why would you go for heavier models if you have a regular-size garden and the chipping and trimmings are not huge? 3” Blade: Model- GC75 is enough and excellent for you. This equipment is well-suited for handling small twigs, branches, and clippings. Going for a further, more extensive area, GS 650 and GS1500 are formidable. With the Lawn area, the location of your house or Property also matters a lot. If your house is located in an Urban area, then a 3” Blade works well, but if your Property is in a rural area, a Bigger blade size will work the best for you.

  1. Power Source

Regarding Power Sources for machines, MechMaxx offers Gas Power Driven Wood Chippers that are more powerful than any other option in the market. The faster branch clipping and larger load handling make our Gas Driven Wood Chippers the best in the market.

  1. Feed Capacity & Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter should be the main focus because it helps in deciding the specific tree and wood cutting. MechMaxx wood chippers offer four branch capacity size options: 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches. If you're dealing with smaller shrubbery and tree branches,  the 3Blade: Model- GC75, with a chipping capacity of 3 inches, is the most suitable choice. The medium-sized machine, 4” Blade: Model- GS650, is ideal for branches up to 4 inches in diameter. The 5” Blade: Model- P4205, in action, effortlessly chip a sizable tree branch. The 6” Blade: Model-B150, this wood chipper has extremely powerful roller with the diameter of 14in, which can shred branches up to 6 inches. For those tackling larger tree limbs with a diameter of 6 inches, the 6” Blade: Model-P4206 is also recommended because it can easily handle the largest branches.

  1. Blade Quality and Durability

Blade quality is another essential feature to be looked at. MechMaxx Wood Chippers offers different blades combination to help you in handling different types of wood and their various dimensions. The durability of a blade is the measurement of the ability of the blades to withstand pressure, wear, and damage. So, a highly durable blade will work longer. Our Wood Chippers provides high durability and long life.

  1. Material to be Fed

If the material feeding into your wood chipper adheres to the machine's maximum diameter specifications, you should encounter no difficulties processing your yard debris. Commonly chipped items include small branches, tree limbs, and yard clippings.

One of the notable advantages of our wood chippers is their ability to simplify yard cleanup while allowing you to repurpose your yard debris. While our machines represent an investment, their robust construction ensures durability. This article has guided you in determining which high-quality may fit your needs. Please contact us if you need more clarification or seek further details and assistance. For those searching for a commercial wood chipper, explore our Commercial product line.

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Maintenance of a Wood Chipper

It's not only about just buying a Wood Chipper. If it isn't maintained in time, it will become a white elephant for the owner. A strict eye must be kept on maintaining the engine of the Wood Chipper. The following measures must be taken for a smooth run with MechMaxx Wood Chipper.

  • Greasing particular and working parts regularly
  • Oil and Oil filter alteration as per the directions given in the manual
  • Keeping a check on the air filter Health
  • Spark Plug
  • Changing the direction of blades if necessary


Last but not least, wood chippers have become essential to every household. MechMaxx, with its significant research and success over the past few years, has developed manageable and easy-to-use machines for its customers. Machines like Wood Chippers always need special attention to have a smooth run.

We hope this article has enabled you to select the best for your requirements.

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