Things About PTO Mowers You Need to Know

What is a PTO Mower?

A PTO mower is a piece of equipment designed specifically for use with tractors, powered by the tractor's engine through its power take-off (PTO) system. It is primarily used for cutting grass in areas such as farms and large fields. Using a PTO mower can help you quickly and effectively mow grass, making it the ideal choice for lawn maintenance.

Which should I choose: PTO or ATV Mower?

Choosing between an ATV and PTO mower is a topic worthy of discussion. If you have a mowing area larger than one acre, we strongly recommend purchasing a PTO mower. An ATV mower can put a greater strain on your ATV's engine, especially in hot weather, which may lead to overheating and reduced engine lifespan if your land area is significant. On the other hand, a PTO mower provides greater power and versatility to meet your diverse needs.

Parts of A PTO Mower

Blades/Knives: These are the cutting elements attached to the rotor assembly. Flail blades are typically made of hardened steel and come in various shapes and sizes. They are designed to swing freely and impact vegetation, cutting it into smaller pieces.

Gearbox: The gearbox of the mower is the core component of the machine, responsible for transferring engine power and driving the cutting tool so that it can perform the cutting operation at the desired speed and direction.

Hydraulic Side Shift: This device allows you to adjust the position of the mower while in use. You can mow not only behind the tractor but also utilize hydraulics to mow on the side or rear of the tractor. Additionally, you can tilt it to cut grass on slopes or ditches with a certain incline.

PTO drive shaft:This is the connector that allows you to attach the PTO mower to your tractor. Most attachments come with quick-connect couplers, enabling you to easily attach and detach them while operating the tractor.

Considerations When Using a PTO Mower

Mowing Instructions

  • Clear area to be mowed of objects and debris that might be picked up and thrown by the mower blades.
  • Grass is best cut when it is dry. Mowing wet grass can cause plugging resulting in grass clumps behind the mower.
  • Grass should be mowed frequently as shorter clippings deteriorate faster.
  • If mowing extremely tall grass, it is best to raise cutting height and mow the area, then lower cutting height and mow a second time at the desired height.


NOTE: Always disengage PTO before raising mower to transport position.

  • When raising the mower to transport position, be sure that driveline does not contact tractor or mower. Adjust and set the tractor's 3-point hitch lift height so that the driveline does not contact mower deck in the fully raised position.
  • Be sure to reduce tractor ground speed when turning, leaving enough clearance so that the mower does not contact obstacles such as buildings, trees or fences.
  • Select a safe ground travel speed when transporting from one area to another. When traveling on roadways, transport in such a way that faster moving vehicles may pass safely.
  • When traveling over rough or hilly terrain, shift tractor to a lower gear.

Purchase Your PTO Mower from MechMaxx

Are you ready to purchase an attachment for your tractor? A PTO attachment would provide you with a satisfying shopping experience, and you can learn more through MechMaxx. In this article, we introduce you our best product 60'' PTO Flail Mower with Hydraulic Side Shift.


  • It can save time and cost-effectively cut plants in larger areas. It has 16" of side shift capability to support working around perimeters, fence lines, tree wells, etc.

  • The attachment has a forged flail hammer to help the mower push through dense debris.

  • The included PTO drive shaft easily connects to your tractor and the belt drive allows for efficient power transfer.

  • Offset category 1, 3 point knot

  • It is recommended for 30-60 HP tractors, capable of covering material up to 3in diameter, with a maximum transmission rating of 65 HP.

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