Revolutionary Wood Chipper: Turn Yard Waste into Mulch!

Maintain your home, land, or commercial property with this convenient, economical solution for twigs, twigs, and other yard waste. Whether entering a dump trailer or directly into a garden bed, place leaves, twigs, garden cuttings and twigs into the wide hopper to create decorative wood chips for lining pathways, garden beds or filling wetlands and finely chop Mulch to enrich the soil or speed up composting.


Revolutionize the way you manage yard waste with our cutting-edge innovation - MechMaxx Wood Chipper! Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with bulky branches and brush cluttering your property. Our advanced wood chipper is meticulously designed to effortlessly transform even the toughest materials into valuable wood chips, ideal for landscaping enhancement, eco-friendly mulching, and nutrient-rich composting.

MechMaxx 6 in. 14HP commercial Vanguard gasoline engine wood chipper, electric start, attach to two 12in. blades, DO5 road legal tires, wheelbase 48 in., 56in. discharge chute , Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gasoline engine, with three years commercial warranty

This wood chipper has extremely powerful roller with the diameter of 14in., which can shred branches up to 6 inches. Double-edge cut reversible blades greatly increase the service life. Both the feeding chute and the discharge chute can be opened quickly and easily for the maintenance and repair. By adopting whole shaped technology, the discharge chute is both attractive and practical with the ability to rotate 360 degrees. You can stop the engine quickly in a crisis to improve operator safety with a safety button above the feeding chute and the emergency stop press bar on lower side of the feeding chute. With 19x7.00-8 DOT tires and 48in. super-wide wheelbase, this wood chipper has the ability of driving on steep ground with the high stability.
This is a high-performance wood chipper fit for professionals and leasing companies.

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