MechMaxx Mini Dumper: Your Efficient Material Handling Assistant

MechMaxx Mini Dumpers are a great gift for everyone who requires Efficient Material Handling. Our MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 is a small, powerful machine that moves quickly and effectively when lifting large objects. This adaptable machine is designed to work with a wide range of materials, making it essential in several industries, including agriculture, landscaping, and construction. Why and how is it useful for you? Check details below.

Specific Details

Product: Mini Dumper T25

Dumper: 660lbs Capacity 6.5HP Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Cart T25 4F+1R Gearbox

Part Details




Engine Type

Single cylinder,4 stroke, air-cooled,OHV

Engine Displacement






Loading Capacity

660 lbs


4 F+1 R



Tripping Method



0-5.5 km/h

Front Wheel

4.00-10 tubeless tyre

Rear Wheel

4.00-8 tubeless tyre

Bucket Type


Weight (N.W/G.W.)

292/344 lbs

Package Method

Plywood case

Package Size

53*31*35 in



Features of MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25

  1. Agile and Compact Dumper

Mini Dumper T25 is a small size with an OHV engine that keeps the machine compact and lightweight. Due to their small size and exceptional mobility, this MechMaxx Mini Dumper can easily travel through confined locations and difficult terrain. It is perfect for situations where larger construction equipment could be prohibitive or impracticable due to their compact form.

  1. Strong Performance

MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 provides strong performance that ruled out any concern regarding its small size. With powerful engines of 6.5hp and robust construction, the T25 machine is built to handle heavy loads efficiently. Whether you're moving soil, gravel, or construction debris, Mini Dumpers do the job with reliability and speed. Manual tripping and speed up to 5 Km/hr guarantees fast work compared to other mini dumpers on the market. The 10W-30 engine oil increases performance value of this T25 dumper.

  1. Versatility at its Core

MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 is versatile workhorse equipped with welded bucket that can be easily loaded and unloaded. A loading capacity of 660 lbs for such a small machine saves you time by loading bulk material. Their design allows for precise material placement, making them indispensable in landscaping, excavation, and material transport on job sites of all sizes.

  1. Efficient Material Handling

MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 can be very useful whether you're working on a landscaping job or a construction site. Efficient material handling depends on the load capacity of a machine, which is 660 lbs. The efficient material handling depends upon the operators, loaders, conditions, and terrains of the area where the mini dumper is used. The small and compact size, excellent loading capacity, easy carting, and outstanding transmission system of T25 eliminate all the fears of area terrains and manpower errors.

  1. Easy Operation

MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The 292/344 lbs (N.W/G.W.) weight allows you to handle it easily and properly. The T25 Mini Dumpers feature transmission controls that make them accessible to operators of varying skill levels. Their simplicity in operation, combined with a comfortable and ergonomic cabin, ensures that tasks are completed efficiently without sacrificing operator comfort.

  1. Commands of Different Terrains

The T25 Mini Dumpers are engineered to conquer diverse terrains, from uneven construction sites to agricultural fields. The front and rear wheels are 4.00-10 tubeless tires and 4.00-8 tubeless tires that can easily work on areas of different heights and slopes. These machines can navigate gradients and rough ground with excellent traction and stability, providing reliable performance in challenging environments.

  1. Environmental Friendly

MechMaxx Mini Dumpers T25 are designed to be eco-friendly, featuring fuel-efficient engines and low emissions. This contributes to a cleaner environment and helps businesses meet sustainability goals. The Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine reduces the environmental pollution to a minimum. It can produce noise pollution due to OHV Gas Powered Engine.

  1. Versatile Construction Equipment

T25 Dumpers are very adaptable machinery with many qualities that make them essential on construction sites. These machines are very efficient and versatile for their small size. Their compact size, agility, and ability to handle various materials make them essential to construction projects where flexibility and efficiency are paramount. The enhanced productivity, terrain adaptability, and material handling make these mini dumpers versatile construction equipment.

Advantage of Gas-Power Driven Dumper

Our T25 dumper is gas-driven, which is less affected by temperature in winter seasons as compared to an electric power-driven dumper. Electric batteries work with less efficiency in cold weather conditions. MechMaxx Mini Dumper T25 provides instant start-up in cold conditions. They offer more power and torque than electric-driven dumpers. Due to this power, these mini dumpers can easily climb on the slopes up to 20 degrees.

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