How to Maintain the Wood Chipper Engine in Winter

As the winter approaches and temperature decreases, it's critical to consider how the weather may affect your machinery. Like all tree care equipment, wood chippers break down large wood and tree branches into more minor chips. However, they are more prone to breakage and damage during winter. Here is a helpful wood chipper engine maintenance checklist for the winter season.

Adjust Tyre Pressure

The temperature has a significant impact on tyre pressure. It is essential to check and adjust the tyre pressure of the wood chipper. As the temperature drops, so does the tyre pressure because the air condenses.

The tyre pressure may need to be higher in winter than in the summer. It is vital to regularly check the tyre pressure to maintain the wood chipper in winter. Ensure it is at the correct level, as it directly affects the engine performance.

Drain the Engine Oil

One of the essential tips to maintain the wood chipper engine in winter is to drain the engine oil or run it dry. Either run the engine until it shuts due to fuel exhaustion or drain the oil into a can, ensuring the engine is oil-free before storing. Make sure there is no fuel left in the carburetor, which helps prevent deposits from forming inside, which can damage the engine. Changing the oil after 25 hours is recommended to prolong the engine's life.

Use Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizers are the easiest, cheapest, and most recommended option to maintain the wood chipper engine in winter. The most significant threat to the engine is stale fuel, as it has high hum content and can clog the carburetor and restrict the fuel flow. First, ensure fresh fuel in the engine and it is 90-95% filled. Pour the fuel stabilizer and run the engine for around 5 minutes, ensuring it is distributed throughout the system. The stabilizer will keep the fuel fresh for up to 2 years.

Scrutinize Spark Plugs

Remove and scrutinize the spark plugs. Clean it properly or replace it if necessary. The cylinder wall can be prevented from rusting while in storage by adding a tiny bit of oil to the cylinder and drawing the recoil starter a few times.

Use Rust preventive oil

Use rust preventive oil or silicon spray to coat exposed metal parts such as the engine. Fresh oil is also essential for maintaining engine lubrication and guarding it from corrosion. The moisture in the air also causes corrosion to metal parts, which the help of rust preventive oils can defend against.

Use a Winter Engine Oil for your Wood Chipper

A lower-weight engine oil is something you should use if you have to use your wood chipper during winter. Before using it, ensure the engine manufacturer approves it.

Clean Wood Chipper Frequently

Cleaning is often overlooked, but it's an integral step for the maintenance of wood chipper engines in winter. Keep your machine clean and prevent debris from entering the fuel tank. Debris enters the fuel tanks and causes blockages within the fuel filters, resulting in poor performance of the wood chipper and damage to the engine.

Frequent cleaning is highly recommended during winters as the de-icing salts cause engine rust and wear and tear caused by extreme weather. A clean air filter ensures ideal engine performance. Clogging of air filters heats the engine. Check the air filter and replace or clean it before storing your equipment during cold weather.

If you use a pressure washer to clean the wood chipper, take care of the engine. Prevent it from electrical components to avoid damage. Use clean cloths to clean the outside of the wood chipper. MechMaxx recommends not to use detergents and petroleum-based cleaners as they can damage the plastics.

Protect Wood Chippers Battery

Want to prolong your battery's durability? Check the condition and power of the battery. Winters have negative impacts on the battery. The lower temperature also drains batteries. If you leave the battery in your wood chipper, it may leak and seriously harm your equipment. The battery should removed, cleaned, and stored in a dry, secure location.

Trickle Charger can also be used for your battery. These prevent batteries from overcharging and expiring before the date.

Check Wood Chipper's Radiator Coolant

During winter, the radiators get frozen. Check your wood chipper's radiator coolant to ensure it does not get frozen on colder days. You must ensure the radiator coolant is the correct grade for your machine and filled accurately. Under-filling increases the possibility of freezing, causing damage to the wood chipper engines in winter.

Store in a Dry, Well-ventilated Area

The final tip is to store your wood chipper in a dry but well-ventilated area in winter. Investing in a high-quality, breathable cover for your wood chipper is highly recommended. Store your chipper shredder upright in a clean, dry building with good ventilation. Cover it up and store it in a sheltered location such as a garage, warehouse, or storage unit. To protect your machine from dust and potential winter mishaps, it must be covered with a waterproof cover if it needs to be stored outdoors.


You'll be well on your way to maintaining the health and efficiency of your engines during the winter by paying attention to these winterization suggestions. You can extend your wood chipper's life during the winter. Your wood chipper may be hibernating for the winter, granting it a well-earned rest after the hectic summer. However, keeping your chipper's engine well-maintained is crucial so that it is always in top operating condition and ready for use when needed.

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