Do you need a pick up brooms attachment?

Whether in the field of construction or landscaping, when we carry out any project or operation, we can not avoid leaving rubble, dust and other garbage. The broom attachment makes it easy to remove these items, helping to maintain a clean and safe environment. Today we recommend a pickup broom Attachment for you to learn more about it.


What is pick up brooms attachment?


Pick  up brooms attachment are mechanical devices specifically designed to clear large areas of hard ground. They are usually installed in trucks, tractors and other motor vehicles, and provide drive through the vehicle's powertrain. During cleanup operations, it sweeps dirt, dust, or other debris into a collection bucket, which can then be dumped at a designated location. Not only does it hold more debris than a conventional sweeper, it also has a dust suppression system to reduce the amount of dust raised in the air during operation.


Pickup broom attachment can be used in those places


  1. Road cleaning: Urban roads, highways and rural roads are exposed to a large amount of dust, sand and garbage every day.
  2. Airport maintenance: large shopping malls, supermarkets and airport parking lots often need to clean up all kinds of debris.
  3. Airport runway clearance: Debris on the airport runway may pose a great threat to the take-off and landing of aircraft.
  4. Industrial site cleaning: Industrial sites such as factories, warehouses and construction sites, dust and garbage are everywhere.



How the pick up brooms attachment works


Pick up Brooms Attachment mainly consists of the following parts:


Rotating brush: The high-speed rotating brush can sweep dust and debris from the ground into the dust collection box.

Dust collection box: collect and store the garbage generated during the cleaning process for easy cleaning and disposal.

Connecting device: The cleaning attachment is fixed to the vehicle and the drive is provided by the vehicle's power system.


Pick up brooms attachment advantage


  1. More efficient and convenient: Reducing the need for manual cleaning, Pickup brooms work several times or even tens of times more efficiently than manual cleaning. It can quickly cover a large area, saving a lot of time and labor costs.
  2. Multi-functional: has the ability to collect and store debris. Suitable for a variety of work environments, from city streets to industrial sites. Can be used on a variety of materials (soil, leaves, gravel, mulch, thatch, snow).
  3. Durability: Strong design, can withstand the test of frequent use and harsh environment, to ensure long-term stable operation, reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Use and maintenance suggestions

In order to ensure the best performance of the Pickup Brooms Attachment, the following points should be noted when using and maintaining:


Regular inspection: Check the wear of the brush regularly and replace it if necessary.

Clean the dust collection box: After each use, clean the dust collection box in time to avoid the accumulation of garbage affecting the performance.

Lubrication maintenance: Regularly lubricate the rotating parts to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

Mechmaxx  Pick Up Box Broom Attachment

The MechMaxx 72" Skid Steer Sweeper Pick Up Box Broom Attachment can sweep both front and back to accommodate more debris, and comes with a 17 cubic foot bucket capacity for increased productivity and extended use time between dumps.


Specific parameter



The pick up brooms attachment , an excellent slide-type sweeper accessory, not only improves the efficiency and quality of cleaning operations, but also provides a reliable solution for the maintenance of all types of sites.

Whether cleaning busy city streets or maintaining large industrial sites, MechMaxx pick up brooms attachment is your trusted cleaning assistant. We will further innovate and apply our products to create a cleaner and better environment.

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