Before you choose to stump grind yourself, there are some safety rules that should be adhered to:

Read and follow all instructions provided with the stump grinder rental or purchase. Stump grinding can literally become a life or death situation if done incorrectly, so this is important to the safety of all involved.

Wear your protection- hard hat, safety goggles, earplugs, gloves, work boots, long sleeves, and pants, avoiding loose clothing, remove jewelry, and tie long hair back.

Remove anything that you can see may become a projectile from around the work area such as small rocks.

If your machine suddenly stops running, a large part of it may be a broken drive system. This following mainly introduces the repair method when the drive system is broken. The drive system on a stump grinder can fail due to a splice cable issue. It may be worn or loose. The belt maybe broken. Self-propelled grinders rely on a belt drive system to turn the wheel when engaged. These belts wear out and break over time. A broken belt can completely stop the drive system from working. To check if a broken belt is causing the problem, remove the belt cover and check. If the belt under the cover breaks or slips off the pulley, it will need to be replaced and reinstalled. If all the straps seem to be connected and in the right place, look elsewhere for the cause.

The engagement cable acts like a clutch. When disengaged, it allows the engine to run without being forced to spin the drive system. When the drive handle is engaged, the engagement cable tensions and causes the idler assembly to engage and begin to power the drive system. The splice cable runs from the operator controls to the rear of the machine through the handlebars. If the cable is damaged or falls off, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting the splice cable to the correct tension to keep working. If the splice cable is loose, try tightening it on the end connected to the motor. If the drive system does not engage after adjusting or replacing the cable, there may be a problem with the drive belt.

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