Wood chippers can be used to clear large piles of branches, logs, twigs and leaves, providing solutions to many problems and making work areas safer and cleaner.

Other useless debris in the backyard can also be reused by the wood chipper. Sawdust and leaves are the main components of garden mulch. Mulch can be used to keep the soil cool, suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and make the garden look more attractive. Organic mulch also helps improve soil fertility as it decomposes. To increase its utilization, here are some tips to maintain it.

  1. Clean the machine regularly

It is vital to inspect the machine before use, and this step cannot be ignored. Keeping the machine clean will prevent debris from entering the fuel tank when refueling. Also clean up debris, as debris that gets into the fuel tank can clog the fuel filter and cause the wood chipper to run poorly.

If you use a pressure washer to clean the machine, be careful around the engine, electrical components and decals to prevent avoidable damage.


  1. Keep blades sharp

Before using the machine, make sure the blades are sharp.Doing so will not only reap the benefits of higher productivity, but will also extend the life of the machine. An overly blunt blade will result in a higher impact force, subjecting the machine to more force, reducing service life.

Before you replace the blade, make sure you refer to the instruction manual to properly torque the blade bolts. Be sure to thoroughly scrape the rotor surface after removing the blade.

When replacing blades, check the wear indicators to make sure they are still safe to use, and check the condition of the retaining nuts of the blade bolts.

One last thing: zero the torque wrench when you're done, or the next calibration won't work.

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