PTO Potato Harvester: Your Farm Partner

Do you enjoy using PTO equipment to enhance your farm work? as a modern farmer, you know that having the right tools can make everything easier and more efficient. Today, we want to talk to you about two game-changing farm machines: PTO potato harvester and PTO plow. These machines not only make potato harvesting quick and efficient, but also make plowing work twice as effective. Let's take a look at how they can help you improve your farm's productivity and make your farming tasks easier.

What is a Potato Harvester?

A PTO Potato harvester is a piece of equipment designed specifically for use with tractors, powered by the tractor's engine through its power take-off (PTO) system. A PTO potato harvester is primarily used for harvesting potatoes in areas such as farms and large fields. Using a PTO potato harvester can help you quickly and effectively harvest potatoes, making it the ideal choice for crop harvesting.

How does A Potato Harvester Work?

First, attach the PTO potato harvester to your tractor's PTO shaft. Then, by driving the tractor, you can easily lift potato plants from the soil using cutting blades. The loose soil is sifted by the machine and the potatoes are moved to the back of the harvester, where you can collect them later. This process eliminates the slow manual labor of digging potatoes with a shovel, saving you time and physical effort that can be used for other tasks.

Parts of A Potato Harvester

Blades/Knives: Potatoes grow in the soil, and the roots are tightly bound to the soil. When working in potato harvester, the cutting blade is mainly used to cut potato plants in the soil. The cutting blade cuts through the soil, cutting through the root system of the potato plant and lifting the potato into the screen for further separation.

Shakers: The shaker's design allows it to efficiently collect potatoes while the tractor is moving, separate the soil from the gravel by the vibration of the machine, and place the potatoes on the soil.

Linkage: The connecting rod is an important part of the potato harvester. Through the power transmission of the pto shaft, the connecting rod transfers the power from the tractor to the shaker to make it shake, which is also the power source of the shaker to screen the soil.

PTO drive shaft: This is the connector that allows you to attach the PTO Potato Harvester to your tractor. Most attachments come with quick-connect couplers, enabling you to easily attach and detach them while operating the tractor.

Purchase Your PTO Potato Harvester from MechMaxx

Are you ready to purchase an attachment for your tractor? A PTO attachment would provide you with a satisfying shopping experience, and you can learn more through MechMaxx. In this article, we introduce you our best product PH19 Potato Harvester.

This MechMaxx PH19 potato harvester is a reliable and inexpensive way to get your potato crop out of the field. Designed for small farm use, it has a working width of 19in and is suitable for tractors with 20-30HP power. This unit is mainly used for reaping potato, sweet potato, peanut, onions, garlic, taro and other underground rhizome crops. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low breakage, fast to leak the soil, long service life.

Detachable Blade: Blade can be replaced as spare parts, make replacement easier and cost effective.

Height Adjustment: Adjustable digging depth ensure you quickly cut through the soil and roots, scooping out whole spuds with no scratches or cut marks.

Durable Linkage: Durable Linkage, more flexible and stable. Also can be replaced easily.

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