Mini Trencher Designed with User Protection in Mind

Our mini trencher TCR650 is a compact and versatile machine used for digging narrow and shallow trenches in various applications, such as landscaping, plumbing, and electrical installations. Operating a mini trencher efficiently requires careful guidance and a few key steps.

Preparation: Before starting, ensure you have the appropriate safety gear, including gloves, eye protection, and ear protection. Review the trenching plan and mark the desired trench path.

Machine Inspection: Examine the mini trencher to confirm that it's in good working condition. Check the fuel, oil levels, and inspect the cutting teeth for wear. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Starting the Engine: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to start the engine. Allow it to warm up before engaging the cutting mechanism.

Depth and Width Settings: Adjust the depth and width settings on the trencher to match your project requirements. Use the machine's controls to make precise adjustments.

Trenching: Begin trenching by slowly moving the mini trencher forward along the marked path. Maintain a steady pace, and be cautious of obstacles or uneven terrain. Keep a firm grip on the handlebars to maintain control.

Monitoring: Continuously monitor the trench depth and width to ensure they meet your specifications. Make adjustments as needed during operation.

Safety: Always prioritize safety. Keep bystanders at a safe distance, and be aware of underground utilities to avoid accidents.

Cleanup: Once the trench is complete, turn off the machine and allow it to cool. Remove any debris from the trench, and backfill it as necessary.

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