Sometimes you will be distressed to open the wood chipper to find it is not working, and there is no maintenance staff to help you. Looking at the following may help you repair your wood chipper by yourself.

There might be something wrong with the blade. If the slicer's blade engages and spins as usual but doesn't cut, the blade may be dull and need sharpening. While these blades are very strong and durable, they will wear out over time and will require sharpening after using the machine for a period of time. First make sure you're not inserting branches thicker than the machine is rated for, and don't pass the blade too many branches at a time at a time. Sometimes the blades are badly dented or damaged, at which point they should be completely replaced.


If the blades on your machine are not turning and cutting, there may be a problem with the drive belt, which is preventing it from rotating the drive shaft and blade assembly. One end of the drive belt is connected to the flywheel and the other end is connected to the drive shaft to power the blade assembly. If the belt is loose or broken, it will not be able to turn the blade. Remove the belt cover to inspect the assembly. If the belt is visibly worn or broken, it will need to be replaced. If the belt is in good condition but not taut, the belt is loose and must be adjusted before operating the machine. The drive tension of the drive belt is adjusted by the rotation of the idler pulley. The idler pulley is the third pulley through which the drive belt passes. It is usually slightly offset and placed between the flywheel and the drive shaft with the drive belt running through it. Idler pulleys prevent belt slippage and move back and forth slightly to allow users to increase or decrease drive belt tension.


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