What makes the day go by faster in any logging operation is a great skid steer attachment that does its job right the first time and does not wear down over time. Basically, it is something that you can depend on with great features that help cut down on problems and always have solutions.

 log grapple

What you need is a skid steer grapple that will come down on your load and lock on, lift it up and put it where it needs to be. Sounds simple, right? With the 48-inch skidsteer log grapple, you get that, plus features that ensure it will enjoy a long life. What that means is it has bronze bushings at every joint with a grease fitting that helps cut down on the wear. They are produced with Hardox steel and they feature an oversized powerful cylinder, capable of doing the job just the way you want it done.

This skidsteer log grapple is designed to fit the Skid Steer Universal Attachment Plate, which mounts directly to your skid steer, giving you full control from inside the cab to pick up and move logs with high efficiency. It provides heavy equipment to get the job done. The teeth are tightly connected to each other to 3 inches, ensuring easy handling of smaller logs and branches. The grapple rotates when turning, but stays straight when grabbing logs. Features landscape and inline locking positions. It features a cantilevered cradle that uses serrated brackets to harness and secure your load while lifting logs.




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