Effective Tips for Properly Using a Concrete Mixer

In the construction task of the construction site, concrete mixers are very common in construction site tasks. They are widely used in a variety of construction projects, whether it is small home decoration or large commercial buildings. Concrete mixers are obviously very useful tools, but many users are curious about the various problems with their use, and here we explore these problems and give suggestions for solving them.

Common Problems with Concrete Mixers

You may encounter the following problems when using a concrete mixer:


Uneven mixing: The concrete mixed by the concrete mixer may be uneven, affecting the quality and strength of the concrete. This may be due to insufficient mixing time, inaccurate proportion of ingredients, or incomplete internal cleaning of the mixer.


Mechanical failure: The concrete mixer may have various mechanical failures during the working process, such as motor damage, mixing blade wear and so on. These failures may cause the equipment to stop working and affect the construction schedule.


Poor discharge: The discharge port of the mixer may be blocked, resulting in the smooth discharge of concrete. This may be due to the accumulation of residues inside the mixer blocking the discharge port.


Improper operation: Operator's wrong operation may cause concrete quality problems or equipment damage. The operation may not comply with the requirements of the equipment manual, resulting in overload operation of the equipment.


Incomplete cleaning: Failure to clean the concrete mixer after use may lead to residual concrete inside the equipment, affecting the quality of concrete for next use.

How to Use A Concrete Mixer?

How to use a concrete mixer correctly? The correct use of concrete mixers can not only improve work efficiency, but also ensure the quality of concrete. The following are detailed usage steps and precautions:


Preparatory work: First of all, you should ensure that the blender is placed on a smooth, firm ground, away from fire and flammable materials. Before use, check whether the power cord, mixing bucket, mixing blade and other parts of the mixer are in good condition to ensure that they are not lose or damaged. Before mixing, prepare cement, sand and water in proportion to ensure that the quality of each material meets the requirements.


Stirring operation: Connect the agitator to the power supply and make sure that the agitator runs smoothly without abnormal sound. After that, add part of the water to the mixing bucket to prevent the material from adhering to the bottom of the bucket and the blades at the initial mixing stage. Add cement, sand and remaining water in order, in proportion to avoid uneven mixing caused by excessive addition at one time.


During the mixing process, observe the mixing to ensure that there are no dry powder clumps or unevenly mixed parts. When the concrete is well mixed, stop the mixer. Tilt the mixing bucket and slowly pour the concrete out.


Finishing work: After mixing the concrete, you should pour out any remaining material, then pour in gravel and clean water and turn on the machine. This will help wash away the mortar inside the drum. Once cleaning is complete, ensure there is no standing water in the mixer to prevent rusting of the drum and blades.



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  • 16 cubic feet bucket capacity can mix a large amount of products at one time and finish the job efficiently.
  • You can easily add cement due to the width of the hopper with a bag divider integrated on the top.
  • The reversible rotating paddle mixes the concrete mixture thoroughly and keeps it smooth for high-quality concrete pours every time.
  • An integrated bag divider sits on top of the bucket so you can easily pour concrete from the top or scoop it up while driving. Mix it up on the go and have it ready to pour as soon as you get to your destination.
  • The hydraulic chain and sprocket drive motor operates at 3050 PSI for strong, superior hybrid power and is extremely reliable.
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