Choosing a sawmill is a meaningful and sustainable investment. In this blog post, we have selected two excellent sawmill products. We hope this blog will help you make a satisfying decision.


The $5,199.00 price offered by MechMaxx is very competitive and can save costs while guaranteeing users high performance and high quality products. Compared to Frontier's higher price of $7,797.00, the product performance is not better, so MechMaxx is undoubtedly a better choice.


MechMaxx offers a 2-year warranty, giving users a longer guarantee and confidence. Frontier has a warranty service, but it is only one year, and there is a gap in length with MechMaxx.

Start Type

Both MechMaxx and Frontier adopt the E-start startup mode, which reduces the complexity of operation and improves the user experience.

Engine Displacement/ Horsepower

The MechMaxx's 739cc/25hp engine offers significant advantages over Frontier's 670cc/22hp. The more powerful engine allows users to handle hardwood, larger diameter wood with greater ease and efficiency. Reduce downtime caused by overheated or overpowered machines when working on large-scale projects or continuous long hours. Higher horsepower engines also mean more cutting power. Ensure the smooth and continuity of the cutting process, avoid the stutter or fault caused by insufficient power, thus improving the accuracy of the work and the quality of the finished product. The powerful engine not only improves the performance of the machine, but also brings long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Log Diameter/ Max Live Edge Width/ Standard Cutting Length

MechMaxx is designed to accommodate larger diameter logs as well as provide a wider maximum live edge width. Its standard cut length is also more suitable for large projects, showing its strong performance for large wood sizes. Frontier also has reliable performance in these areas, but MechMaxx is designed to handle all sizes of wood, especially large wood processing advantages.

Max Board Thickness/ Blade Engagement System

The maximum sheet thickness MechMaxx can handle is greater, and its blade joint system is designed to increase cutting efficiency and precision, resulting in increased productivity. Frontier can also make high-quality cuts, but MechMaxx's advantages are more pronounced when facing extremely thick boards.

Blade Guide/ Blade Size/ Track Width/ Track Length

MechMaxx uses advanced technology in the Blade Guide to ensure the stability and accuracy of the Blade during cutting. At the same time, larger blade sizes are offered, as well as wider and longer tracks, which means greater handling capacity for large projects and long materials. Frontier is also designed to meet industry standards, but MechMaxx offers a wider range of operations and greater flexibility.

To sum up, MechMaxx offers clear advantages in terms of increased working efficiency, enhanced cutting capacity and long-term stable operation of the machine by offering a larger engine displacement and higher horsepower. These features make MechMaxx the first choice for those looking for high performance, reliability and economy.



MechMaxx's free shipping policy significantly reduces the total investment cost for the user, demonstrating MechMaxx's care for its customers. Frontier's additional $199 shipping fee is no small burden.

Cutting Efficiency

With its powerful engine and optimized blade configuration, MechMaxx greatly improves cutting efficiency. High efficiency and speed are maintained even when working with hardwood or large-diameter wood. While Frontier provides consistent cutting efficiency, it may not be able to match the efficiency of MechMaxx when it comes to more complex or difficult cutting tasks. 


MechMaxx has demonstrated superior performance both in terms of productivity and cut quality. More work can be done in less time and the finished product is of higher quality. In contrast, Frontier is suitable for everyday use, but in situations where high strength and precise cutting are required, MechMaxx offers a higher standard of performance.


The MechMaxx design takes into account the changing needs of the user and offers more accessories and adjustment options, thus adapting to a variety of cutting tasks. This not only increases the flexibility of the machine, but also provides more possibilities for the user. Frontier also offers a degree of versatility, but may have more limited options in terms of accessories and adjustments.


MechMaxx features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the learning curve and makes it easy for even beginners to get started. In addition, the maintenance and adjustment process is also simple and easy to master. Although Frontier provides basic operation convenience, some complex operations or maintenance may require more time and technical knowledge.

Construction and Durability

MechMaxx uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the robustness and long-term durability of the machines. Its attention to detail, such as the reinforced structure, guarantees stability and durability even under heavy use. Frontier, while reliably built, may fall short of MechMaxx in some important aspects of construction and durability.

MechMaxx offers you not only an efficient sawmill, but also an economically superior option. Choosing a brand that can save money and improve performance is undoubtedly the smartest choice for you. Let us become your trusted partner through quality products and services. Choose MechMaxx, get started, and experience the extraordinary changes MechMaxx brings. Easily solve your saw milling needs and enjoy a great investment with free shipping. Click to buy and start your wonderful partnership with MechMaxx!


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