MechMaxx adheres to the principles of professionalism, integrity, and innovation. The following three wood chippers have been carefully selected as the best products for our valued professional users to choose from: the MECHMAXX P4206, the TMG-GWC6, and the DR PRO XL575. Let’s see which one is suit for you!



Before making your purchase, we believe the price of the product will be your primary consideration. The basic specifications of the product can give you a fundamental impression.

Start option: Obviously, both MechMaxx and DR wood chippers have the ability of electric start. A machine equipped with electric start can help you quickly get into work mode.

Horsepower: Both MechMaxx and TMG Industrial wood chippers come equipped with Vanguard and Kohler engines, offering superior horsepower. If you're looking for excellent shredding performance, wouldn't choosing a higher horsepower machine is a better choice?

Chipping capacity: A 6-inch cutting capacity can help you process most branches. So far, MechMaxx offers the most cost-effective option.



Moving capacity: Among these three machines, MechMaxx has the most suitable tire size. They can enhance the maneuverability and operability of the wood chipper on different terrains. Larger tires typically mean a higher ground clearance, enable it to cross the obstacles easily.

Knife Size: There is no doubt that MechMaxx and TMG industrial have longer blades, and sharp and long blades are the key to maintaining high performance of wood chippers.

Warranty: All three brands offer free delivery, with MechMaxx and DR excelling in this regard. MechMaxx provides a three-year commercial insurance for Vanguard engines, while DR offers optional extended warranty options for up to five years.



All of the mentioned machines offer good performance, but you need to consider the cost-effectiveness to know whether is worth it or not, choosing the MechMaxx P4206 would be a great option for you.
The Model P4206 Wood Chipper is crafted with precision to provide an efficient working experience. Many of our users reported that this machine provides a satisfying work experience. Its operational stability makes it become a reliable partner for years to come. Come and visit our product to find more!

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